Our company is located in the forested heartland of north border rich in medicinal plants where as per government policy wild crafted medicinal plants are collected by the tribal (adivasi) community. AHC works closely with the tribal community for their economic and social development and education. We source our raw material directly from the tribal communities and hold regular training session for good collection practices with them.

Our Team have experienced and professionalised which can forecast in upcoming technology.

We have in-house training programs which enhances the up gradation happening in the industry and its technological division.

We have a team which are in continuous process of researching the needed products.

Social Development

  • Long-term relationships with suppliers
  • Maintaining of a local workforce in rural areas
  • Tribal population settlement to work in jobs related to collection of forest products
  • Tribal mobility through education
  • Technical training for local employees and tribal community

Economic Development

  • Source of regular income for local tribal populations
  • Enables farmers to add value to their crop, in a weak ecosystem and guarantee of crop buy back
  • Creation of valuable, stable and secure jobs